DDS team of engineers can design and engineer custom conveyors as a stand-alone unit or conveyors which can be fully integrated with the customer’s existing manufacturing line. Precise measurements are taken during a site visit and afterwards a CAD drawing is drafted as per customer’s specifications, for approval.


After the design is complete, based on the approved drawing, our team of skilled and experienced technicians will manufacture the conveyor system which will then be assembled into the finished product.  Testing will be done at our facility prior to shipping the equipment. To assure satisfactory performance, the equipment will be set up and demonstrated at our plant and customer personnel will be instructed in operation and maintenance procedures.


 We deliver the finished product to our local customers within Las Vegas and surrounding areas. (I do not know if you want to include this at all since there is not much to say about it, and it’s almost a given that we will deliver if the customer is local).


Once the equipment is delivered to the customer’s facility, a team of DDS technicians will be on site to unpack the equipment and set it up for Installation. Installation will then take place on customer’s scheduled time, most likely while the facility is not in production as not to disturb normal facility operations.  Our team will be on site during equipment start up to ensure the new system or system integration is running smoothly and efficiently.


In instances where customer prefers existing equipment be refurbished as an alternative to procuring new equipment, DDS will repair and improve the existing equipment.


The DDS Service Team will provide customers with a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program. A customized maintenance contract can be established to best suit the specific needs of the customer, DDS Conveyor Inc., and the customer’s facility. We will provide for inspections, every 4 months or so, and service to ensure that your conveyor system maintains its form, fit, and functional characteristics and performs at optimum levels.


DDS will provide service and repairs to a customer’s existing system. Equipment serviced will be listed in a contract agreement specific to each customer and includes but not limited to: electrical components, structural, belts, drive units, lubrication and clean-up. The service team will provide a list of recommendations at the end of each service if anything needs replacing, to insure the proper performance of customer’s system. This is designed to address potential minor problems before they become a major inconvenience.